Wait on the Lord

It was hard for me to get out of bed this morning and get going. Have you ever had those days that you seemed to be running on empty? Or beyond that–even running on the gas fumes lol?

The Lord has been reminding me here lately if I’m too busy to pray or read His Word–I’m just too busy period. Everything can wait till we seek His face.

The enemy can run us pure ragged, if we let him. It’s one of his tactics. To wear us out. Make us give up this race.

Don’t stop. Keep going. You don’t have time for THIS!!! THAT can wait later. HURRY. You are late. You didn’t pray again? Just pray on the way there…Where’s that To Do List again?….Oh, I forgot to find that receipt to exchange that item from the store….Eek! I forgot to pay the car insurance!Does any of this ring a bell to you or can you relate?

This morning I was startled to hear a car horn blowing in my driveway. I muttered under my breathe, “Now who could that be? The mail carrier? I haven’t ordered anything….”

I peeked out the window and saw my SIL (sister-in-law) getting out of her car. I gasped and ran out the door in my pj’s.

Oh no! 😱😭 I had forgotten to meet her at 9:00 a.m. at Walmart to get Chelsea’s baby shower gift for tomorrow. She won’t be able to make it. I apologized profusely!

Last night I was trying to set aside a time to do my checking account statement. I got 2 texts. One says call me.

So busy. Not enough time. But the Lord has been really impressing that the devil will keep abusing you if you keep letting him, slinging you around like a rag doll.

Shut the phone off. Unplug from social media. Turn that tv off. Put on some Christian worship music. Get to bed earlier. Get up earlier to meet with God. Go to your HAPPY Place.

So, I just shut all activities down after my SIL left. Went to my Happy Place. My porch as you all know. This song kept playing in my mind, so I looked it up and listened…Listen to the words. Let His Presence speak to your heart and soul.

I worshipped with tears flowing down my face. I prayed in the Spirit. I didn’t have the words, so I let Jesus make intercession for me. I don’t know what I would do if I could not feel His Presence!

I know there are some who have never felt that sweet peaceful Presence of His. It is so real and tangible! I suggest if you are hungry and thirsty for that Living Water, He will meet you right there in your home! I have heard of people being filled with the Holy Ghost/Spirit right in their living room by themselves. Just Jesus and them.

We are living in a face-paced world! And it’s amping up…We can’t make it without Him! We’ll buckle under the pressure. The heavy burden will crush us.

I had another post I was going to post today, but it will wait.

“Pile your troubles on God’s shoulders–He’ll carry your load, He’ll help you out.”–Psalms 55:22

Jesus said, “Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to me. Get away with me and you’ll recover your life. I’ll show you how to take a real rest.”–Matthew 11:28

Here’s the link to the song–

James Wilson – Wait on the Lord [Official Video] – YouTube
— Read on m.youtube.com/watch


Happy Birthday Lily of the Virgo 🥳🍰💜🧁

Yesterday was my youngest daughter’s birthday! We celebrated by going to one of her favorites—Olive Garden. 😋

Then, we got Starbucks. 👍💜

As I hit the interstate heading towards her house, my service engine soon light came on. I thought I had just checked that last week…or was it last month?🤔🤦‍♀️ My oil was on 4%…

Thank goodness the Chevrolet dealer had an opening right then! She followed behind me and we went straight there! We dropped my car off, and I got in the car with her. We rode past the beach on our way to the mall.

Love this Lighthouse!

We headed over to the mall.

Silas is growing!

I spotted Hightop’s in a shoe store. Had to try some on!

💜Birthday Girl!💜

She got a 15 minute massage…👸🏼 👑

We went into several stores.. then left to pick my car up. They gave me a free wash and vac—not an immaculate one, I might add! But hey, it was free.🤷🏼‍♀️

We said our goodbyes, and I stopped off at the doc to get a refill renewed. Of course I had to stop off at Walmart to get a few things for her baby shower this coming Saturday, and then it was off to head back home.

Got some pics along the way. I couldn’t help myself!
I love this bridge
Finished the night off with sunset from my back porch.


A special thanks to Purple Rose, Stu , and Vanessa for their awesome trio of tags! I enjoy doing the tags that Purple and Dollface have created! It gives every season and holiday a special flare!

Here are the rules:

1. Thank the person who tagged you and link their post to yours.

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The Meaning of this Tag:
Change can be difficult and heart-breaking, but it can also cause the greatest turning points in our lives. As the season begins to change for many of us in September, let’s reflect on the changes in our life, good and bad. It’s good to be honest with ourselves and see what changes still need to be made. It is also important to recognize the seasons in our life so we cherish them despite what comes with them. We hope you have enjoyed this tag, that it inspires you and reminds you that much like the world around us, we go through beautiful changes too.

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Here are the questions:
1. Of all the fall/autumn color shades (reds, yellows, oranges, etc.), which shade is your favorite?

I’m like V with loving all the colors overall, but also like Purple Rose with the burgundy. I love the reds, too, but oh that yellow is so sunny!

2. What fall/autumn scent is your favorite?

I’m like Stu on this one. I have tried so hard, but I have never been a fan of the classic spicy smells of fall. I love decorating for fall like Purple Rose, and I do like just plain apple scent. I’m more of a woodsy, fresh scent, cashmere sweater, rose, honeysuckle kinda gal though.

These were the scents I was going to answer with Purple Rose’s questions. I decided to make a collage.

The Fresh Bamboo is y current fav.

3. What is your favorite fall/autumn drink?

I love apple cider, cappuccino, Hazelnut Coffee, (liquid) Italian Cream flavored coffee. And I also love hot chocolate V! 😆

4. What big life changes have you recently experienced?

All kinds of posts have been speaking to me personally here lately, letting me know that God is doing a work on my poor heart. Stu’s post about facing his Paw Paw’s death did a number on me! But it triggered a much needed healing. The strange thing is, I didn’t even know I needed it! The healing was from grief from a dear high school friend’s death that I never got to say goodbye to. I won’t elaborate here. Will have to go read the post if you are interested and haven’t gotten the chance-“Unsaid Goodbyes.” I added a link to Stu’s post there.

I have been through so many hard things in my life that I guess I have had to block them out to even survival. And the things as of late have just left me feeling completely uprooted from my comfort zone. I feel like I’m walking in the dark at times-but Jesus is holding my hand right there, guiding me, telling me this is for my good. (Ouch it hurts though!🙃😫)

Also seeing others going through tough times around me and my not being able to do anything about it is a hard one for me!

5. How do you cope with life changes?

I hate change! I don’t do it well. I have to pray till I literally feel His peace. Honestly, I let things hurt my heart more than I should. I guess God made me a deep person. I feel, hurt, worry, and love deeply. Just today, I have had to pray several times just to get it all out. Sitting on my back porch crying cleansing tears and letting the hurt go…Until I felt His peace. The tears just won’t stop these days! But I know that God is doing something in me, so I’m just letting Him have His way!

6. Who is the person you trust most?

I love my friends and my girls, but I would have to go with someone who is more Spirit than person —Jesus. He is truly everything to me. He has never told my secrets, He listens and has even let me know what I “needed” to hear, even when I didn’t like it lol.

7. What would be a question you’d be afraid to tell the truth on?

Some intimate details of my life-my past.

This month I am tagging…



And anyone who is up for the challenge! If you love these tags, I nominate you!

Have a great week everyone!

Unsaid Goodbyes Part 2


Here’s Unsaid Goodbyes Part 1 if you missed it.

I saw her years later at a doctors office in the next town over from our hometown. It was where I had moved after graduation and had moved back to years later—the town I still live in today. She spoke but didn’t seem eager to start the friendship up again.😢 I wanted to ask why she had pushed me away in high school, but it wasn’t the place, so I decided to leave it in the past.

About fifteen years later, I finally found her on Facebook, so I took a chance and sent a friend request. She added me.

We reconnected in 2010, but she only messaged me back a few times that year. She told me that she had first been diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006. She had taken a year of chemo and radiation treatments. I told her about my own brush with cancer. Since her first diagnosis, she was an avid worker in Relay for Life, which helped to raise money for the American Cancer Society.

Here’s the first message I received from her:

The girls from our graduating class were wanting to get together with just the ladies before the next 10 year Class Reunion.

Charlene’s cousin shared this on her Facebook, which reminded me so much of Charlene’s facial expressions and sass!

The last I heard from her personally was on April 16, 2011. She was telling me she was still without electricity from the recent tornado that had swept through locally. And she wanted to let me know one of our friend’s sister and her two children had gotten killed in the tornado. She told me she loved me and wanted to make sure I knew about them. Those were the last things she told me..😢😭

I messaged her back, but never heard from her again. One day in June, my husband turned the local radio station on to listen to the news, and the local obituaries were read aloud. When they announced my friend’s name. I was so surprised and started crying!

I immediately went to my computer, checked fb and discovered she had made a few posts that her cancer had returned! I had not seen them! I can’t remember why. She passed away June 2011! 😭😭😭

I went to her wake. I tried to be strong. Her parents were standing near her, talking with someone who was giving their sympathies. So I approached her coffin. Tears filled my eyes as I saw the peace on her face.

The church steeple that was dedicated in her honor a few months after her passing.

Her parents stepped over to me and asked my name. I told them. It had been around 26 years since they had last seen me. They remembered me. We hugged and, I gave them my condolences. They told me how she had often talked about me and our times together, and how much I had meant to her. This proved to be too much for my heart to take…At this time, I still believed she hadn’t really cared, because she had not messaged me back much…

I said my goodbyes as good as I could manage and calmly walked out of the funeral home. As I exited the front entrance, my steps quickened, and I was practically running down the steps to get out of there. People glanced my way and looked funny, but I knew I had to get to my car before I lost it right there! As soon as I shut the door, I collapsed. The tears came and I could not stop from boo-hooing so loud I was sure everyone in the parking lot could hear! Thank goodness I had parked a ways away from the building.

When I could get myself together enough to drive, I took the back road home, so no one in town could see me squalling. I could barely see the road! I cried all the way home and then some! It hit me later that I felt like I had not gotten the closure I needed from our broken friendship. So I buried the grief and the guilt for years.

Till yesterday…that is….Something happened within me that let me know that all was forgiven. As I scrolled through her old posts, read every post and comment, looked at her pictures, and reread those last messages she sent me, it’s as if I could see things more clearly than I had before. I saw the love she gave to others and even in our own brief conversations.

The dam had burst for me. Healing had at last come. I cried all through writing this…With every pic, every post, every memory…I’m sure she had already made her peace. But it was my turn—TO LET GO.

So it’s here that I will say my final goodbyes to my precious friend…

I’m sorry Charlene. I did love you very much. I always will. You were my very best friend. It hurt me back then, the thought that you no longer needed me, our friendship, but you must have had your reasons. I know God has a reason for everything, too. All is forgiven. I hope you can forgive me, too for not trying to insist we talk about it. Oh how I wish I could have talked to you about it!!! I wish I had been brave enough. Forgive me for not being brave enough. I’m sorry if I did anything unknowingly to push you away. I’m sure you felt as guilty as I did through the years. Sorry I didn’t find out about your cancer in time! Sorry I wasn’t there for you in the end. Thank you for being my friend in your heart all these years.. I hope to see you again my dear friend! Oh the new and healed conversations we will have! I’ll bring the casserole my friend. 💜

Goodbye sweet friend. Rest In Peace. Till we meet again…

Unsaid Goodbyes Part 1

Have you ever wished you could go back in time and change things? I have. I was jolted with the reality of that thought yesterday after reading Stu’s post Death Of A Loved One and several posts that Stu has shared recently. It has been healing for me. Thanks my friend!

Most the posts have a similar theme—TEARS. I liken myself these days to a Carousel Ride with painful memories spinning me up and down and around in a circle—some good and some not so good.

Reading about Stu’s last goodbyes to his Paw Paw, reminded me of my mom’s funeral, and then oddly settled on a time when I didn’t get to say goodbye.

She was my best friend. Charlene. I had known her through my elementary school years as a mere acquaintance, but went on to become best friends in the 7th grade—our first year in Junior High.

We remained friends all through the high school years. There were other friends in our little group, but she had become my very best pal. Then everything changed over night in our Senior year.

We had a class together in Vo-tech, where we had to board a bus and be shuttled 5 minutes away from our high school. It was here where we met various new students from different high schools in our county.

This was the days before the consolidation of all the schools in our county, which if I remember correctly was the year right after my high school graduation. 🙄 We were all bummed over this!We had JUST missed being able to attend the brand new school.

I can remember we were so excited our Junior year to meet new friends. Keep in mind, we had been attending school with the same fellow students for 10 years when we first enrolled into the Sales, Marketing and Advertising class in 11th grade. I had wanted to take the Computer class, but most my little group wanted to take this one, so I followed the crowd. 🙄🤦‍♀️

We started class in a little red metal barn building, till our actual classroom was completed. The whole Vo-Tech was newly built that year and comprised of two brand new buildings for vocational courses, the barn included and a greenhouse. The Barn became the store where our Sales, Marketing and Advertising class sold the fruits and veggies the Horticultural Class grew in the greenhouse.

Here’s the back side of the barn, in the far right pic. I am the one in the white striped sweater, and Charlene is right next to me in the turquoise shirt. The other pics are from a convention where Charlene ran for Secretary. I can’t remember the name of the club we were in. She won by the way!

Our teacher, Ms. Hosey, had really become a good mentor. We looked up to her. She was wonderful! She was one of those cool teachers who made a difference in her students lives.

Charlene had starting traveling to her hometown on the weekends to do some shopping and hanging out with Ms. Hosey and her fiancé. Those were the days when that was ok. That wouldn’t be acceptable these days.

Charlene started pushing me away and giving me the brush-off. So, I decided to hang out with our other group more. Charlene acted like this surprised her. I got tired of trying to follow her around like a puppy and being ignored.

That same teacher loaned me this dress for the prom. She knew my mom had passed away and wanted to help. Her own mother had passed away when she was in high school. I had to get it hemmed though.

Charlene was a good Christian girl in spite of how it sounds. I really didn’t understand her behavior. This is one of the many places where things starting going south in my life. I was still reeling from my mom’s death almost two years before. I felt abandoned. I skipped a few classes to be with the other group. I began getting a few C’s in two of my classes-Accounting and First Aid. I did manage to pull them up before graduation.

I look back now and know I probably wouldn’t have traveled down the road I had, if Charlene and I had never parted ways. She didn’t drink or party.

After high school I moved 30 minutes away. After I got married later on, I moved another hour away from my hometown. I happened to be looking in the paper one Sunday morning, which I hardly ever did, and saw her brother’s name in the obituary. He had gotten killed in a car wreck!

So, I sent a sympathy card to her home address. I never heard back from her. I had jotted down my address and phone number inside the card. I guess I never had her home phone number, because we never had a phone in our home growing up. That’s unheard of nowadays!…..


Snow Boogers on a Hot Day! 😳😜

Stopped in to see about why my cellphone isn’t charging yet again…with a brand new phone this time… 🤦‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

They were giving away a voucher for a free Snow Booger as I was leaving…Sounds gross I know, but the ice cream is the bomb! Mine was called the Chocolate Rapture.

Vanilla ice cream with a brownie and chocolate syrup. I wanted the Pineapple Dream. It has pineapple sorbet, coconut ice cream, cheesecake and marshmallow cream. They were out of the marshmallow cream and pineapples. 🙁
While I was there I got some good news from someone—answered prayer…Tears in my ice cream….happy tears😄

So today what are you thankful for? I’m thankful for frozen snow boogers, 😂 happy tears and prayers answered!

HAPPY SATURDAY!!! ✌️ ✌️ ✌️ 🕊 🕊

Walking Like An Egyptian in Pink High Tops — 😜

Walking Like An Egyptian in Pink High Tops — 😜

…wasn’t very easy for a small-town girl like me back in the 80’s! 👠

This is for you Dragon Warrior–at your request…a glimpse into my world as a teenager, a walk in my shoes…I’m sorry I didn’t get to finish it before you stopped blogging!😭 Maybe you will see it one day and know that I love you sweet girl! I will be praying for you till then!~Renee

Sophie Dragon Warrior @ Den of Dreams

And for my own equally sweet, beautiful and talented Baby Girl! I’m proud of you kid! I love you Big as the sky! 😁🤗😘💜 You will move mountains one day–no doubt! 🤗 This is for you, too! Chelsea at Lily of the Virgo

Check her blog out and give her a little follow! 💜💛💚💙

Straight from the 80’s, is one journey of a bubble-headed bleach blonde’s Neon teenage years! –(inserts credits to Sun-In hair-lightner here😂)

Walk Like an Egyptian/Bangles

At the genesis of it all was the latest issue of Seventeen magazine, that I devoured from cover to cover. It’s there, I first discovered a love for pink high tops and the 80’s fashion craze that would soon sweep over the nation like a flood.

I HAD to own a pair! Never mind you that I was extremely, awkward and shy, underweight, financially challenged AND unpopular. Not a good combination at all! Also, the fact that there was no one else in my school wearing a pair was a HUGE problem.

White tennis shoes all the cheerleaders were wearing, complete with friendship pins and neon colored-shoestrings, were very popular at my school at the time. We didn’t have much money, and the added expense of mounting medical bills with my Mom’s cancer treatments, left me GRATEFUL to even be able to receive a knock-off pair in pink and also in turquoise blue.

The only excuse I had left was getting brave enough to wear them! Picture if you will, the stunned gasps and giggles emitting all up and down the halls and near the lockers, as I scrambled by!

My newfound bravery and fashion sense didn’t make nowhere near as good an impression as Molly Ringwald did starring in “Pretty in Pink.”

Those Psychedelic neon colors will forever be etched in my mind like a Light Bright! If you know what those things were. Right up there with the nation’s question of “Who shot J.R.” in the tv show, Dallas. Here is a link to some of those tv shows, including cartoons.

Top 100 80’s Shows


Cassette players like these were a part of the hottest bedroom decor around! 😎

I owned a purple one like this, which was one of my top fav colors! Jade was my favorite and still is! I also loved electric blue and neon purple.

Thinking back to those happy, sunny days, I had to giggle out loud at what we called buffont hairdos! They were teased to the high heavens and spray painted with Aqua Net hairspray!

Oh those posters on the walls of heartthrobs that we first fell in love with! Mine was John Stamos and Miles O’Keefe! (Tarzan) Among a few…😂 I thought they were an awesome hunk of beefcake back then!😂 Some of you are like “Ewwww! Gag a maggot on a gut wagon!” But I’m like, “Fer Sure, like totally!”

Don’t get me started on how those red slippers up above almost got me into a fight with a popular girl! 🤣 I chose to ignore her comments and let it go…😂

Some of my pictures are getting old. They have age spots lol.😂

Banana clips were the latest rage, hair scrunchies, oversized bows for the hair–fingerless gloves, (I wore the lace kind in my Senior Prom) the rubik’s cube, neon colors, outfits with huge shoulder pads, parachute pants for the guys, skinny jeans, bangle earrings and bracelets, rubber bracelets, penny loafers–perms!

We wanted to sing and dance, (and even break dance) like all our favorites–Madonna, Wham, Prince, Journey, Duran Duran, Rod Stewart, Michael Jackson and many many more!…trends…💋🙄🎶📷

Of all the places I’ve ever lived, this little humble home was my very favorite! My bedroom was above the front porch. We bought it as a fixer-upper right before a major hurricane wiped out the electricity for weeks! The chimney got some damage and there’s still an uprooted tree in the backyard in this pic. The tin roof had just been replaced here and a levee was in the process of being built by the creek bank.

Ahhh those mullet haircuts! We all marched to that beat! Somewhere between “Jenny, I got your number (867-5309)” and “Walking Like An Egyptian,” was where you discovered your “True Colors,” or just wanted to stay an invisible “Karma Chameleon.

Look at that perm!…Graduation Day. Long Day. Tired.

My favorite jean jacket. I guess this must have been before my Bling make-over. I had put all kinds of antique brooches on it.

So long, dudes and dudettes!!!…We have come to the end…Thank you for “Walking With Me Like An Egyptian” for a while in my pink high tops–small town–80’s “Flash Dance” kinda World…

Until next time…

Hang Loose!


Class of 1986

2 in 1–The Blogger Recognition Award 2019

I’ve been nominated for The Blogger Recognition Award by Josh at Josh’s Blog and Steve at Steve’s Country. Thank you guys so much for thinking of me and nominating me for this award!!! They each had different pics for theirs, so I’m including them both. 🥳 Everyone please visit and follow both of these Awesomely Awesome Blogs!!!…..And did I mention just how awesome these awesome blogs are?😆 🙂

The Rules for this Award:
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How My Blog Started…

I know you guys have heard this one before, so I will try to keep it brief. My beautiful friend, Debbie, at Bee Tree Gathering had just started her own blog, so she convinced me that I should do one. I really doubted myself, was scared to step out of my comfort zone, wondering what in the world I could write about… But she didn’t give up on me. So here I am! She’s my biggest inspiration! 🥰

I get 4 tips. Two for Josh’s nomination and 2 for Steve’s 🤫🤭🙊…

1. Be who God made you to be, and JUST HAVE FUN!!!

2. Write from your heart. 💜Check your spam.

3. Use different creative things to share on your post. Photos, videos, music, scriptures, hobbies, artwork, etc. ✌️

4. Try to write a little each day. But please take breaks, as needed. Don’t let it become a chore that is dreaded. 📚


I nominate the following:












The Blogger Recognition Award is an award given in recognition of all the hard work that goes into creating a blog. It is a way for bloggers to support, motivate and promote other bloggers who have clearly put in huge amounts of time and effort, and produced valuable content.

Bloggers are very talented people – they work hard, they promote, market, advertise, and run a busy site.

They organise all kinds of activities, they encourage, motivate, interact, engage and are community orientated. It matters not if they are shy and reticent or loud and personable – each actively progressive blogger is the same – they all work hard and passionately with their blogs, they put the hours in to deliver to their audience each day a welcoming location to read, absorb, learn and have fun.

To escape the hustle bustles of city life, or the begrudgeries of boredom – they entice readers to peruse their pages to look for entertainment.

That is what the BRA celebrates.

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