Painting By Numbers

This one reminded me of those Paint by Numbers that I sooo loved to do when I was young….way younger…like elementary school age younger! Hope you are having a great worshipful and praiseful kinda day! 🎶🙌🏼

It’s amazing how after all these years, getting back to writing has brought back so many fond memories for me! I owe it all to every one of you here who inspire me daily with your uniqueness. Thank each of you my friends!

40 thoughts on “Painting By Numbers

  1. It’s interesting to think about all the instances and ideas that take us back to our childhood, isn’t it? Paint by number was not part of mine, but freedom to splash in color… that was! ❤

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    1. I loved those things, Kim! And I recently bought an adult coloring book. It’s amazing how soothing it is! Reminds me of my elementary days with the daily coloring contests- when the teacher hung the best pics on the wall display…My oldest sister taught me how to color. It was something we did together! Those were the good ole days! 🙂💜💕

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      1. Oh good to hear you have some adult coloring books yes they are soothing.Yes it reminds me when I was in elementary … loved coloring . That is such a beautiful memory to have of you and your sister❤️🙂

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  2. Thank you so much for the Like and Follow! 🥰 And I remember those paint by numbers too—I think I was in elementary school as well. Those were so amazing because they would make no sense for quite sometime and then all of the sudden you’d reach a point where it started to transform before your eyes into this lovely painting. I also seem to remember doing them around the same time I was into Lisa Frank. 🧐 Do you know who that is? She did all kinds of rainbow-bright notebooks and coloring books and stamps and basically any kind of paper craft object you can think of. My twin loved her especially. Mostly for her horse artwork.
    I also wanted to say I the picture of the Milky Way is beautiful!!! I love the stars.
    Blessings, friend. 💙

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    1. You are welcome Mandy! And thanks for following me! The paint by numbers were the bomb! And oh my goodness do I ever remember Lisa Frank?! My oldest daughter was obsessed! She had book bags, pencils, notebooks, folders, coloring books, stamps, diaries. (Kitties, puppies, horses, etc.) It was the kind of thing I wish they had when I was her age! 💜💕

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