Wildflowers/Alphabet Post Challenge 2019

Stu at Something to Stu Over has brought back the Alphabet Post Challenge.

This is how the challenge was born

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Make sure you stop in to see Stu’s posts that help people struggling with addiction, and read about his own testimony! Thanks again, Stu for the tag in this fun Alphabet Post Challenge and sharing in my crazy journey along the way🤪 😃


The lovely wildflowers on the back side of our property. I love the yellow, brown-eyed Susans!

Picking wildflowers…”I can see the wheels turning in my grandson’s head, “What is this stuff Nonna, can I eat it?”

~Weeds or Wildflowers–Tomatoe/ Tomato?🤷‍♀️ It’s all in the eye of the beholder~

Now a moment to share what happened this morning. After I packed my hubs lunch and sent him on his way to work at 3 a.m.–I went back to bed and decided to get to the bottom of why my comments were hitting everyone’s Spam folder. Around 4 a.m., all of a sudden, I heard and felt pounding hooves hitting the earth running helter skelter all over the yard! I thought maybe I was going crazy lol. 😜🤪🤔. Until I heard a horse neigh.

I jumped up to see what was the matter! Grabbed a flashlight and took off into a dark yard! Could there be a Head-less Horseman riding around my yard?!!😂🤣

You guessed it, another neighbors animal had gotten loose and came a visiting! He was running WILD😜 and scared and ran into the electric fence. He neighed again and ran all over the field. I called to him, and he was finally calming down and walking over to me, when my protective dog decided to bark.

The poor thing took off down the driveway. I pray he’s not injured. I haven’t heard anything yet😬😜

This place is getting to be a regular funny farm around here! Sassy the cow has gotten loose several more times and made her way back here. We tried putting her in the fence and she kept breaking out, until she got caught in the electric fence! We haven’t seen her in a couple of days! But I’m sure she’ll be back–to this Wild and Crazy Funny Farm!!!! 🤪😂👀

~Wild daisies and Upside down sky~🙃

~More daisies along the driveway

~White gardenias~

~Unripe wild blackberries–I’ve eaten my share of these as a child~

~I can almost smell these perfume scented Gardenias~ 🐝

~Dandelion Wishes~

~Another white Gardenia~

~White and Black Print~

~Woodchimes~ one of my most favorite sounds~


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I nominate ALL of my dear friends!😄🤗


Spam Anyone?

Please pass the spam–Just kidding…I don’t really like that stuff myself!

Just a friendly reminder to check your spam folder from now on. Apparently there’s a glitch on WordPress right now.

I think a lot of my comments are getting the boot🥾–right into the old Spam bucket! I have commented on several posts, and they’re not showing up on my end.

Thanks! Wishing you all a good night 😴💤

Vacation/Alphabet Post Challenge 2019

Stu at Something to Stu Over has brought back the Alphabet Post Challenge.

This is how the challenge was born

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~Vacation in Branson, Missouri– A beautiful angel at the Sight and Sound Theatre–one of my favorite sights there~

~Presleys Country Jubilee~ This was two or three years ago. Even though we were not Senior Citizens YET, my friend Sandra, and I were given the opportunity to go along for the ride with a group of Senior Citizens from another church.

OH MY GOODNESS Y’ALL!!! I can’t stress how wonderful it was to be surrounded by a great group of Seniors! They had us cracking up from day one with their jokes, and we had the best Charter Bus driver ever! He really took care of us!

*One of the guys in the group had found out Sandra was divorced and picked on her about coming on the trip looking for a Sugar Daddy! (Looking to marry an older rich man) The whole group picked back and forth with her, as she is very outgoing.

When we went to the Presley’s Music show, he decide to play a prank on her and went up and talked with some guys from the show and arranged for them to add a few lines to their comedy hour.

We were sitting in the audience that night, laughing and cluelessly having a good time in the Herkimer & Cecil Comedy Show. All of a sudden, during one of their comedy scenes, Herkimer looks out in the audience and says,”Hey Cecil is looking for a woman. Yeah! We heard that “Sandra M.—-” is looking for a Sugar Daddy.”

Before I realized what I was doing, I cackled out sooo loud!!! Sandra just sat with her beet-red cheeks and mouth open, frozen in her seat–too stunned to do anything else. The rest of our Senior group had all doubled over in their seats laughing so hard they could barely breath! I thought we were gonna have to get the oxygen tanks out to revive a couple of them! 😂 Good Times! 😂😂😂

~The Theatre~

Sight and Sound Theatre- Sandra on the right

Moses at the Sight and Sound Theatre

~The Lion and the Lamb~

~At a restaurant~

~Kringles Christmas Shop in the Grand Village~

~Riding along the highway~

~I would have loved to stay there!😇👀~

~A creek behind a seafood restaurant~

I found one pic of Mr. William on the charter bus in his wig and teeth! I couldn’t find the funnier one! This is blurry, sorry!


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I nominate all of you my dear friends!😄🤗

Ode to the Fathers

Wishing a Happy Father’s Day to all you fathers out there! 🦸‍♂️ 👔 Enjoy your day!!!

 “It’s only when you grow up and step back from him – or leave him for your own home – it’s only then that you can measure his greatness and fully appreciate it” – Margaret Truman

USS St. Louis/Alphabet Post Challenge

Stu at Something to Stu Over has brought back the Alphabet Post Challenge.

This is how the challenge was born

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~A Happy Father’s Day Tribute to my dear Dad~

Dad in the Navy above pic, Army below.

He became a Sargent in the Army. He was an Auto Mechanic and worked on the vehicles, according to my Aunt Ruthie.

My father’s brother on the left, cousin in the middle, and my father on the right.

~My father in his younger School Days~

~The only pic I have posing with my dad when I was little. My middle sis and little brother~

~High School Graduation, almost 2 1/2 years after Mom’s passing~

The only pic in his later years of us together that I can recall.


I hope I’m not violating any copyright rules sharing an article from The Washington Post, via the Internet. I’m taking a chance, because it’s Father’s Day weekend, and I wanted to honor my late father.

As I have shared in times past, my father never would talk about the war with us kids. What little we know came from my Aunt Ruthie, his sister, and my mother back when she was still with us.

My father had fibbed about his age, and at the tender age of 17, (almost 18) joined the Navy. He wanted to do his part in defending his beloved country. He transferred into the Army after Pearl Harbor. I don’t know how any of this came about. I have little to no details.

First, I want to say this post is in no way aimed at sparking any conflict from anyone on the other side of the US line of fire. We all have experienced loss in some form or other. This post’s purpose, however, is strictly aimed at honoring my father. Period.

I won’t include a pic of the ship, because there again, I do not know much about the copyrights concerning this. It can be googled. You will find images of this magnificent ship there.

The ship my father was stationed on was called the USS St. Louis, but later nicknamed the “Lucky Lou,” as you will see as to why, if you click on the link and read the very interesting details in this article.

The part I want to stress about this amazing story is how prayer can change any event! My father had gotten away from the Lord, and had joined the Navy. My Grandma who was a wonderful Christian woman, had been praying, as well as the church she attended, unified in praying for my father. They were in deep intercession for his safety, the ship and all those aboard the ship.

I stumbled upon this article, when researching the details and events surrounding my Dad’s part in being at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. What I found and read left me astounded and made me cry! And let me know that my Grandma’s prayers had been truly answered for her oldest son away at war that devastating day!

There were many surprising details surrounding this event, letting me know that God was in control of this ship! The fact that the ship’s automatic guns were inoperative during the attack was a major detail! They had no way of fighting their opponent back! The St. Louis was the “only” ship that was able to reach the open sea DURING the attack, while bombs were being dropped from the air!

Because they were trying to get away to the open seas, they were singled out for attack! The first torpedo exploded on the nearby coral reef, (lacking depth) instead of hitting the ship, which was the main target.

When the second torpedo was spotted coming their way, the ship was turned aggressively so that the torpedo was running parallel to the ship, instead of hitting it!Thousands of American lives were lost that day on other ships, but none on the “Lucky Lou!”

There were too many events in this story to call it mere coincidence! Luck had little to do with it–in my opinion–but prayer covered my dad and almost a thousand other lives on that ship! It was a complete miracle that happened that day! I’m so glad it did, or I and my siblings wouldn’t have later had the opportunity to be born!

Another extraordinary event that took place, against all odds, the ship was to be scrapped at the end of its life. But before this could happen, the ship sank on its own accord. I SAY those prayers that the ship would not be destroyed, was still covering that amazing ship. It went down in dignity and with honor!

In finding this detailed recollection of what happened on the ship my Dad was on at Pearl Harbor, it somehow gave me peace as to why my father never could talk to his children about this event. I have since learned he did discuss the war in his departing years with a few people. I’m glad he was finally able to do this, even if it wasn’t with us kids. I think maybe he was protecting us from the horrific details.

I’m sure he had opportunity to reunite with the survivors from the ship years later. And even a family member offered to pay his way to reunite one year with the veterans who had survived WWII, but he refused the offer. He wasn’t much for being put in the spotlight. And he didn’t like speaking publicly.

Happy Father’s Day weekend everyone!

Here’s the link to read the article:

The ‘Lucky’ Ship in Pearl Harbor – The Washington Post
— Read on www.washingtonpost.com/archive/local/1981/12/10/the-lucky-ship-in-pearl-harbor/fbbb7d0a-a399-4486-8edb-946d08656191/


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I nominate all, as usual!

June/Honor the Father Tag

Thanks, Stu for nominating me in another one of these unique tags! It’s always an honor to share with friends! God Bless you Brother. I know it’s hard to share our hearts when we have strained relationships, especially with parents. I’m sorry you have had to go through this! Prayers!

Here are the links to the original authors of this unique tag:  Dollfaced Writer and Purple Rose


A word From Dollface…

The Meaning of this Tag:

A father is someone who loves his child unconditionally, provides for them, protects them always, teaches them values, disciplines them fairly, and wants the best for them. For that, we should always, ALWAYS have respect for our fathers. They are created to bear the responsibility of caring for and protecting their families just as God calls them to do. Father’s Day is about reminding your father how much you appreciate him, but I hope this tag will perhaps remind you this month how blessed you are to have a father at all.

As I said before, this is a very hard day for me every year. My father and I have a very complex relationship. In fact, it is the polar opposite of my relationship with my mother. Growing up I felt abandoned, rejected, unloved, forgotten, and neglected because of his behavior that stemmed from alcoholism and what I believe could have been other mental health issues (don’t quote me, I’m not a doctor XD).

I will always love my father. He is a part of me, half of me to be exact. However, mustering the strength to honor or respect him at all has taken a long time to do. We talk sometimes over text, but not a lot. Some days he responds and I feel like we’re getting somewhere, then he vanishes like he always did. It has helped living a thousand miles away from him since finishing high school, but I have come to accept the pain I feel from my childhood will never go away. Recently, in the last week actually, he said something that has proven he’ll never change. I was trying to gain closure, but he continues to blame me for things that I may talk about in another post. Anyways, he may move on in his life, which is painful for me to watch, but that doesn’t change the past he continues to deny and blame me for.

If you have a similar situation, whether you have been abused, manipulated, abandoned, or rejected by your father (even someone else in your family), can I give you some advice that has helped me cope with such a toxic relationship?

You have a choice. You can walk away. You can block a number. You can say no. You can cut them off from your life. That doesn’t mean you don’t honor them, that just means you have enough respect for yourself to protect your heart and enough respect for them to love them at a safe distance. You can pray for someone every day and never talk to them again. Isn’t that better than subjecting yourself to more pain and building up further resentment that could become the poison of unforgiveness? I think so, because no one deserves to be abused in any way. You deserve love. If you don’t/didn’t receive that love from your father, always know you have a Father in Heaven who loves you more than your father ever could.

I hope you do have an awesome father though. If you do, give him a bear hug and be grateful to have the best protector you could have on this earth. If you don’t, pray for him, friend

–Doll Face


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Here are the questions for this month’s tag:

1. What is your relationship like with your biological father, if anything at all?

We weren’t extremely close, but we had a mutual, quiet understanding. We didn’t need words to enjoy our visits. He was a quiet-spoken person.

2. What is one thing you would change about your father if you could? What is one thing you wouldn’t change?

I would have liked to go back in time when he was a little boy and tried to let him know just how loved he was, and take some of the burdens off him for being the oldest child with lots of family responsibilities resting on his shoulders.

I would hope in doing this it may have changed how he was able to “show” his love for his kids better outwardly, while we were still younger. We knew he loved us but needed to hear it.

I would not change that he was a wise, quiet-spoken person, funny in a serious way, faithful to God, family and a great provider, and great money manager, strong-willed.. He worked sick or well. He was my hero, even with his flaws.

3. Who do you celebrate on Father’s Day (your father, step-father, grandfather, uncle, etc.)?

I honor those men in my life who have passed, by remembering their precious memories.

At the moment, I celebrate my husband on Father’s Day. And I pray that one day, God will truly change him. That’s why the song, Lead Me, by Sanctus Real always touches me and makes me cry.

4. What was the most valuable thing he taught you? To be faithful in all things, and to love God with all your heart!


5. What is one thing he does/did that you would never do? I think I need to answer it this way: I told my kids I loved them. I didn’t make them guess.

6. How do you honor him on Father’s Day?

I just remember those who passed, take my hubby out to eat, buy a Father’s Day card and buy something he has been wanting.

7. How has your relationship with him impacted the person/parent you are today?

I guess I get my cautious ways and keeping my life private from him. I am still working on this.

And the part about always finding someone just like your father, is sometimes true. I have always wound up with the ones who didn’t know how to show love in a healthy way. Even though my dad was good in every other area, this is the part that messed me up in my life.


This month I am tagging…



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The Blogger Recognition Award

I have been nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award. It was very kind of you, Steve to think of me!✌️

Go check his blog out, where you will read funny, unique posts, complete with a Cat Muse, Peeping-Bear, wildlife Photography–And did I mention that he has vicious animals eating right out of the palm of his hand?! He’s a dangerous person that Steve! He loves warm places, that’s why he lives in Canada!🙀😹 Steves Country


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Thanks again, Steve, for this award nomination, I am deeply humbled.


How my blog got started: I have a wonderful and beautiful friend who I trusted enough to share my writings with. I met her on a social media called Everyone’s Apostolic (EA) I loved her writing on there!

She started her own blog on WordPress last year and helped me believe I could do it, too! I am always afraid of my own shadow. 🙀She is Debbie at Bee Tree Gathering. Thanks my friend!


2 advice comments to new bloggers:

Now, I am preaching to the choir when I say this–😂 Don’t be afraid to try new things, believe in yourself and be yourself! Oops! That’s 3. 🤷‍♀️


The following nominees are in no particular order! And would love to add more! Please add your name to the list, if you are reading! All your posts make me smile!😄🌻







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I realize I have already gotten myself in trouble already trying to name all whose posts touch me…I simply can’t name you all! You are many! I didn’t send to those who are taking a break–Maybe they will see and take this up when they come back. 😄 So there you have it guys!

I didn’t try to notify you guys personally for this nomination on your posts. Will have to try to do that another day!

Liebster Award

I was nominated the Liebster Award by Joshua Swanson. Thank you so much for thinking of me😄😄😁 What a blessing! ✌️

😎 Your answers were awesome and funny, especially about the centipede and chair!

Please everyone stop in and check out his interesting blog here

👉 Joshua’s Blog



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Joshua’s Questions



  1. What’s your favorite flower? (You can choose more than one answer!) My answer would be a rainbow of different kinds! I love roses, but I also love wildflowers a whole lot! Sunflowers are right up there, gardenia, I just can’t choose one! I love the smells associated with their beauty 🌻
  2. What are your hobbies? Writing, reading, singing, listening to music, enjoying nature on my porch, (yes that’s a hobby lol), beach, and more…
  3. What is your favorite song? (Y.C.C.M.T.O.A.!) I have way too many to list! Anything by Lauren Daigle and many others which touch my ❤️.
  4. What is your dream for the future? To be brave enough to finish my book. To change the world into a happier place. (a girl can dream can’t she?)
  5. If you have to keep only one thing, what would it be? My Bible, but I just can’t stop there! My pictures-also. From a spiritual-point of view-my integrity.

Joshua, thank you so much for the opportunity to get to know you and the other nominees a little better! It was fun!


Debbie at Bee Tree Gathering

I don’t really know who has had a blog under a year….So if you are reading this, please accept this nomination from me!

1- Share something silly with us: It can be a memory, a pic, joke or whatever!

2-When you were way younger, what did you want to be when you grew up?

3-What is your favorite sound/and or happy place?

4-Eating in or dining out-which do you prefer?

5-What advice would you give a new blogger?