Banging My Compass

Just as Debbie relates in her post, we feel that our compass has stopped moving at times! Read her awesome post!

bee tree - Gathering

These last few weeks have overwhelmed me, seriously, I can’t handle all this stuff, even if I was twenty-one.. In my spirit, I feel and know I am on the verge of a great change, an alignment…..I literally felt spiritually bombarded (battlefield of the mind) and yea though I walk through the valley, I know my King is for me, he has great plans to prosper me and my family,….I keep looking forward, even though war is all around me, I press on in the shadow of his might, I am not defeated, I am a conqueror. In this overwhelmed state I have felt lost, I don’t know which direction to go in, I keep banging my compass but it doesn’t move. The rule of the woods is that when you are lost , stand still, you might be lost, but the animals, trees, nature…..they are all right where God…

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Chimes-Alphabet Challenge

Stu at Something to Stu Over has brought back the Alphabet Post Challenge. 👏👏👏

You can read how this challenge came into being by checking out this post. Thanks Stu….hope I can hang in there till the end! 😓 💦

Words want to find CHIMES with each other, things want to connect~Paul Muldoon

Just in case you haven’t gotten the hint that I love angels, there’s your sign…Collage sign, that is! 🤦🏼‍♀️😇

Crab Spider

The CRABBY little girls of today are the crabby old women of tomorrow.”~~Charles M. Schultz ~He must have been talking about Lucy~😂😂😂

Quoting from a dear “Partner in Crime’s” favorite saying, “SHOOT A COW!!!!” 🐮 🐄

And last but not least, I will leave you with 2 funny stories that really happened back in the day, here at Greene Acres. But before you read, go back and take a really good, long look at the innocent-looking black bull on the far left. Isn’t he a cutie?:

I was out walking in the field one day as the cows were eating. After they were done, the hubster opens the gate to let them out of the holding pen into the open field.

Being the trickster he is, he decides to slap the bull on the old hiney so he would take off running out of the pen.

Little did he know Elvis, aka Bully, takes off running, spotting me, stops, paws the earth and goes into full-blown charge mode!!!

Did I mention the fact that if you see me running, you should run, too, no questions asked???!

I just barely hustled it to the fence and climbed over, with that old devil huffing and puffing right behind me! In my hub’s defense, he had no idea this would happen!…sure………..😂😂😂

Wished I could say that was the last time anything like that happened. 😬😫😤😡

I sure didn’t trust his mean self after that anymore….The bull, that is…😂

In the next story, the hubby was gone this time, so I can’t blame anything on him!

I was left in charge of feeding. I didn’t feel comfortable letting them out of the holding pen before they were fed, so I put their feed in the trough just inside of the pen with gate still closed.

I waited till they ate. And with the intentions of opening the gate really quick and getting out of dodge, so they could roam out in the open field, I proceeded to do so. Ole Bully takes off running out the gate and you guessed it….charges after this old Scaredy Cat!

With no where to go, but UP, needless to say, I learned to climb a barbed wire fence with ease that day!

That was the end of ole Bully after that!!!


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Beautiful Butterflies- Alphabet Challenge

Stu at Something to Stu Over has brought back the Alphabet Post Challenge. 👏👏👏

You can read how this challenge came into being by checking out this post. Thanks again Stu! I love these!

I have decided all my next Alphabet Challenge Posts will be my own Photography throughout the years

*All these edited pics were taken from my Canon Rebel xs, before my automatic lens casing got broken. 😭 Now, I can only take pics with the zoom lens, not up close pics. 😢

~Beautiful Butterflies~


Here are the guidelines:

Acknowledge the blogger that challenged you.

Display the challenge photo or create your own 🙂

Link back to this post so I can read yours.

Create one post or multiple posts, as I did, using a word that starts with each letter of the alphabet and share your thoughts on the word you chose and how it can be applied to our lives.

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Living like a green olive tree Vanessa

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This is so sad but beautiful!

I watch them swooping, soaring, diving,
Dancing in the air in pure joy
And I hear their song from the trees
Their wings unclipped
Their voices not silenced
Free to sing as they will
Whatever their song
I sang to you a song
and you silenced me
Clipped my wings
No longer could I soar with the birds
But in the darkness of the prison you put me in
My song rises
In the night I sing as I will
That love is nothing to do with fear

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What If I Said…..I Love You

I pray this kind of love for every broken-hearted person! This is very heartfelt, beautiful and touching! I pray this for you brother! Read Stu’s post!

Something to Stu Over

What if I told you that I love you? Would you take those words to heart or possibly crush mine? 

I have to wonder how long would it take before you were to realize that my words were sincere and heart felt. Is it possible that you are afraid of the change in your life that could take place upon accepting my love? Maybe that is really the reason that first initial I Love You is so hard.

Maybe, just maybe, there has been so much going on in your life that the thought of someone actually loving you is absurd. So you stifle your own feelings behind your wall…and on accident do the one thing to someone else that you do not want done to yourself.

Maybe it is the I have been hurt too many times to allow myself to love again. I can’t allow myself to…

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Alphabet Challenge

Stu at Something to Stu Over has brought back the Alphabet Post Challenge. 👏👏👏

You can read how this challenge came into being by checking out this post.

A is for ~Angela~ my first name.

And for ~Angel~ My first-born daughter. 😇

*It was almost my own name, if I had been born on Christmas Day.

“A” stands for “ALL” the “angels” in my life. Here are just a few of the many who are a blessing to me!

My favorite old pic of my girls and me

Three of my grandbabies wearing the bracelets Nonna made them. One says Lil Sis, then Big Bro and the other says Big Lil Bro 🤗👼👼👼

My step-grandchild on the left already feels like she has always been my grand daughter! She is my spunky girl!👼👼

Nonna’s little “Thumbsucker” on the way! 👼

A not-so-clear pic of my Mom & me. I sure wish I had that old camera! Could this be where I got my ❤️ of photography from? 🤔🧐🤓 📸

~My parents~newlyweds

An angel, aka Aunt Ruthie, brought me this yesterday! The pink one smells so divine! 🌹

And “A” is for “ALL” of my other family and friends who hold a special place in my ❤️!!! And for ALL my blogger friends….

Angels 😇👼

Angel glow

Angel kiss

Angel glitter

Angel bliss.

Angel wish

Angel guide

Angel where

Love abides.

Angel whispers

Angel soap

Angel touch

Angel hope.

Angel near

Angel keep

Angel end

Angel meet.

Angel wings

Angel prayer

Angel beauty

Angel unaware–

Angels everywhere!😇


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Acknowledge the blogger that challenged you.

Display the challenge photo or create your own 🙂

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Debbie at Bee Tree Gathering

Kathy at Maggie Tiggles

Jan at Jan Beek

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Interview with Hephzibah

(Originally I wrote a post on Tell the Story Challenge, nominated by Amy Blount.

Here’s Take 2 *******************

Interview With Hephzibah

Hello my friends! I hope you have had a super great day! I have had Hephzibah on my mind all this past week, so I asked her to come in for an interview as guest speaker here at Hear Tokens.

After contacting her, she has most graciously accepted the invitation! 🤗

Renee: Hello, Hephzibah, it’s good to see you again! It’s nice to have a concerned young person step up to the plate and be willing to talk about their past mistakes.

Hephzibah: Yes, it’s hard for me to speak publicly, but I feel like maybe there are other young people out there who may need to hear that they are not alone in their struggles.

Renee: I’ll just be honest with you! I’m older, and it’s sometimes hard for me to remember what it was like to be so young and trying to make the right choices. But anyways, let’s get right to it. Please tell us a little about yourself first for some of the bloggers out there who may not know who you are yet.

Hephzibah: Hey guys! It’s great to be here! To save everyone the trouble, please just call me Zibah for short. 🤗

Renee: Thanks for that! Your name IS a mouthful. That’s for sure!

Zibah: That it is! Well, first off, for those of you who don’t know me, I am Isaiah, the Prophet’s daughter.

Renee: Wow! I did NOT know that! Thanks for sharing that with me!

Zibah: Yes, it’s true! And my mother always preferred staying in the background, so most people didn’t really even know her name. I think it may have been because she wanted to keep our family’s privacy. She never explained why. Of course, we had always just called her Mother. 😂

Renee: 😂😂😂  Can’t you even give us just a little hint?

Zibah: Nope! Sorry guys! I’ve been sworn to secrecy, so I must keep my mother’s wishes and not reveal her identity. But I will tell you this much, she was mostly just called the “prophetess.” It could have been because she was the wife of a prophet, or it could have been because she was also a prophet. We children, were kept in the dark about it. Our parents babied us, what can I say??! 🤷‍♀️

Renee: Wow! That must have been really hard on you guys! How many siblings did you have, by the way?

Zibah: To a certain extent it was…Well, prepare yourself for another tongue twister! I do have 3 brothers, and if you think MY name was a lot to chew on, just wait till you hear theirs! There is Shear-jashub, yeah I know! I know! 😱

Immanuel. And prepare yourself……..Mayer-Shalal-Hash-Baz. 🤪

Renee: Whoah!!!! I’m speechless right now!

Zibah: Yeah, I know right? Father was all about the names! SJ’s name meant “a remnant shall return.” Of course you may already know that Manny’s name meant, “God is with us.” SO, Hash-Tag’s, name 😂 meant, “spoil quickly, plunder speedily.” That boy always has been true to his name! I had to hide my journal in so many different places growing up, I was always looking over my shoulder!  He could snatch it right out of my hands and make a mad get-away before I even knew what was happening! 😂(Smh)

Renee: Oh my goodness! So, I’m assuming you also have a name with deep meaning?

Zibah: Yeah…My name means, “my delight is in her.” Father always wanted a girl, so….

Renee: You don’t say??? This has really been a history lesson for ME, especially! I’m sure all you fellow bloggers can vouch for that, as well.

Zibah: Yes! Our family is quite the enigma.

Renee: 😂 YES, YOU ARE!…..Yes, you are… Well, anyways….With the preliminary introductions out of the way, I feel like it’s time for you to share from the heart. Even older adults like me, may learn a thing or two! I’m gonna let you get started, so take it away, girl!! I may interrupt from time to time, with a question to elaborate on something. Is that ok?

Zibah: Yes, that is perfectly ok.

Renee: Good! Take it away….

Zibah: This is gonna be a little hard for me…………… (tears stinging eyes) and I may even breakdown through some of this, but……….. Whooh…. (hands fanning the tears)…..(sighes)….  just bear with me…

Renee: Its ok, you’re among friends. Take your time, honey.

Zibah: Phew….I’m sorry!…..Well, I guess I’ll try to start at the beginning. Of course, you all know I had good parents, and my mother died while I was almost in my mid teens. Sooo,…….there was just my Dad, and one brother left at home and me, through all this. It hurts me to think of what I put my Dad through! But being young sometimes, it’s just plain hard making the right decisions. I’m still trying to hear God’s Voice leading me in the right direction.

So, anyways, I had just gotten saved. And let me tell you, it’s not always easy to see and recognize those fiery darts the enemy flings your way in the beginning.

It was a typical Sunday morning church service, nothing out of the ordinary. In through the double doors walks a guy, late, and slides into a pew during worship. I didn’t know him. Had never seen him before. He was very good looking though.😉

He worshipped along with the congregation. My heart got excited! Is this the guy I’ve been praying for?!!! Someone who loves God and isn’t afraid to worship Him?

Most the youth walked over to welcome him after the service. He seemed genuinely sincere to be there. He started coming to church regularly after that. Our youth group welcomed him with open arms.

It’s funny, but my friend and I both had a crush on him at the same time. 😂 But as a few weeks passed, he made it known that he was especially interested in me. My friend graciously, stepped out of the way and gave me her blessings.

It made my heart beat so fast whenever he looked deep into my eyes. I would blush and look down. I was sooo shy!!! It didn’t take him long to ask me out! I was flattered! He liked ME! Of all the girls, he chose ME!

We went on a date, and he made me feel special! After a few dates, He asked me to be his girlfriend, and of course I accepted!!!

And OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!  When he looked at me with the most gorgeous blue eyes I had ever seen, I thought I would drown in their pool of blue! I forgot everything I was taught about what was right and what was wrong!! He had to be THE ONE!

When satan lays a trap for your soul, he don’t care WHO you are! He will use everything he’s learned about you, to get you to give in to peer pressure. He knew I had longed for love, and I didn’t really know what that was or even meant yet.

The world wants you to believe that love is sex. That’s what Hollywood leads everyone to believe. And I fell for it, hook, line and sinker! I was pressured into giving in to temptation and the strong desires I was feeling. Instead of playing it safe and making sure we hung out in a group, we had started getting off alone, in cars….(clears throat)…if you know what I mean……(puts hand over face)

Renee: It’s ok. Take your time…I know you’re embarrassed, but someone really needs to hear THIS!

Zibah: I’m DISGUSTED with myself more than anything! (shakes head) I KNEW better, had been raised BETTER, but I didn’t know how to cope with these feelings that were so strong! And I was too embarrassed to talk to anyone about it, especially not having a mother around anymore.

I had moved in with a family member. Dad was so upset! With Mom gone, I was still dealing with all the emotions that came paired with the grief.

It wasn’t long till I got myself in the family way….😭… The deep hurt that I could see in Dad’s eyes when I told him the news, still haunts me to this day! (tears flowing down cheek)

I had let him down.  I HAD FAILED as a daughter. I had FAILED as a Christian to keep myself pure. I had failed my future legacy!  I HAD FAILED ME, as well! I wanted to run and hide away forever from my shame and judging eyes.

Dad tried to talk me out of marrying him, at first, but I did what I thought was best. I guess he could see things I couldn’t. Oh, the wisdom of a godly parent! Wished I had listened!!!  I thought I loved him enough, and that it would be enough to cover the reproach I had brought on myself and my family.

We got married. We were happy at first, but it didn’t take long to see that I was a fly caught in the web of deception.

My husband dropped the fascade after awhile, and his true nature was unleashed! The truth was, he cared little for going to church and being what I needed him to be.

He would spend whole paychecks on rebuilding motors in race cars, and in a fit of rage, would turn around and sell it for $200. He blew the bill and food money on other needless toys. If it wasn’t for my mother-in-law and other family members, we would have starved at times. 

I had no close friends.  Only the ones I saw at church. I very rarely was allowed to hang out with any of them.  He isolated me during most of the marriage, leaving me at home with no car and no money, while he worked.

On the occasions I was allowed to go see my family or a friend without him, he got jealous. Which lead to more isolation and terrible loneliness.

I almost stopped going to church at first, because I didn’t think I could stand on my own. But every time the feeling came, I pictured my Jesus suffering, looking down on me from the cross with sooo much love, that I JUST COULD NOT DO IT!!! I couldn’t bear turning my back on Him after all He had done for me! It gave me a reason to STAND STRONG! So, I hung in there!………..I’m sorry….I’m trying to tell this without….crying…..

Renee: It’s ok Zibah!  Let it out!  (touches shoulder) None are perfect, but the ONE who died on that cross WAS! And He LOVED you sooo much through your mistakes!…He was proud of you for not quitting! YOU CAN DO THIS!!! PLEASE continue!

  • Zibah: We had a beautiful baby girl! But even she was not enough to keep his attentions at home. She was sooo beautiful, spunky and smart.  She had my blonde hair and a mixture of her Dad’s blue eyes and mine.
  • By this time, I was very careful to tread lightly and not set his temper off, but he made a point to degrade me with every breath he took. Cursing me, mentally abusing me and even one time hitting me. He became mentally unstable and led me to believe I was the crazy one. We lived in fear from his angry rages! But somehow, through it all, I hung in there! I learned to lean heavily on God.

    He began going out drinking with a few of his racing buddies and inevitably cheating on me…..secretly looking at porn and movies while I was at church, calling 900 numbers and racking up sky-high phone bills, hiding the bills, and even joining a dating service! All the while, planning to leave me.

    At the time, I was so blind-sided that I thought it was all MY fault. One day while Baby Girl was taking a nap, I looked into the mirror, and I could no longer see the child of God that I use to be. I saw only the sadness in my eyes, the dark circles and tear-stained face and realized I had lost myself.  I had lost weight.  Lost my dignity.  Lost my self-worth.  And I just lost it for a moment….

    I ran to our bedroom and ripped our framed wedding picture off the wall and hurled it at the bed. It bounced off the mattress and burst the window. The shards of glass that flew everywhere, matched the state my heart was in that day! I collapsed into a heap onto the floor and cried till I could not cry anymore! Luckily, my sweet baby did not wake up during all this!

    I almost lost my faith AND my sanity, living in a hell most people only have nightmares about!  If I had been beautiful, he would have wanted me, and maybe it would have been enough to buy a few I love you’s from him every now and then.  But he showed me just how worthless, I was—-and  I BELIEVED him.

  • And then one day, he left. Just like that, he was gone. Leaving us to pick up all the broken pieces he had left behind. But God always has a plan to work for the good…He saw my broken heart, broken spirit, and the wounds I felt would never heal…..And I have learned that my scars are beautiful to God.  He KNOWS what it feels like to face pain and rejection so that we could be healed.
  • Through it all, Baby Girl still loved her dad unconditionally. Love is blind I suppose…..We moved in with one of my brothers, and we eventually made a new life.

    Renee: (wiping tears) I am sitting here and looking into the eyes of one of the strongest souls I know!! What a testimony!!! Those are some pretty terrible things that have happened to you….and yet here you are–bravely telling your story. I wonder how many other young women out there have faced similar situations and made the same kind of mistakes?  If they were sitting here with you today, what kind of advice would you give them?

    Zibah: FORGIVE YOURSELF!!! LET GO OF THE GUILT!!!  IT WASN’T YOUR FAULT!!!  You are STRONGER than you give yourself credit for!

    For those of you who live in the country, you will understand the answer to this question.. Do you know what happens when someone burns a field off?  It’s simple.  The grass comes back green with new life.  It’s like that with you!!!  THE devil IS GONNA REGRET EVER BURNING YOU TO THE GROUND!!!!  God gives beauty for ashes.  Those things you’ve been through are very deep-seated things, but God is gonna use it to help other people!  HE UNDERSTANDS SCARS, THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL TO HIM!

    Renee: Oh my heavens!!! I love that answer!!! I truly believe that!  So, what about a husband who’s done this to his family? Or even a wife?  What would you say to them?

    Zibah:  I would tell them everything I just said to the wife. FORGIVE YOURSELF!!! LET GO OF THE GUILT.  You can’t move on with FAILURE stamped across your face!  See yourself as God sees you! Some things weren’t your fault.  Especially, if you were abused as a child.  Own up to the things that were your fault. 

    If you haven’t already, seek prayer and ask your family for forgiveness, even if you never get it. You will release the shackles of guilt and torment that have held you captive for way too long.

    Reassure your child/children that you love them, and it wasn’t their fault! Step up and become the Big Man or Woman that God planned you to be!

    Renee:  That was a great answer!  What would you tell the children?

    Zibah:  I would mostly say, “IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT!!! Life is hard! And sometimes being a parent is, too.  Parents make mistakes. They are human.

    The truth of the matter is there is a real devil out there that wants to destroy families, and if he can get you while you are still young and innocent, he will! His aim is to steal your innocence and steal your soul! 

    LET GO OF ANY GUILT  YOU ARE FEELING!!!And forgive your parents. It won’t happen overnight.

    Renee:  What would you say to another young person out there who hasn’t faced the temptation of sexual impurity yet?

    Zibah:  DO NOT be deceived into thinking  it can’t happen to you!  Or if you ARE facing this at the moment, that you can play with fire and not get burned! There is strength in numbers.  Stay in a crowd. Don’t think you are strong enough to handle things on your own by being alone with the opposite sex. The temptation may be too great to overcome.

    And don’t be too quick to turn your nose up and judge others if you see them slip up or heading that way! People need love and HELP, not hurt! Pray! Pray! Pray for them! AND yourself!

    Reach out to each other! Be your brother or sister’s keeper–not their judge, but a friend!

    And definitely fast. Pray. Hide the Word of God in your heart, that you might not sin against Him!

     Renee: One more question for you and we will wrap this little interview up. Did you make it right with your husband?

    Zibah: All is forgiven! By the time he had actually asked for my forgiveness, I had prayed and prayed until I had finally forgiven him and already let things go. His sin is lost in the sea of forgetfulness and so is mine.

    Renee: I’m thankful for forgiveness! What about you? Well, so long folks, we will bid you a fine farewell and a fond adieu, till next time….

    Zibah: Yes! Praise the Lord!!! I am finally free!!!’

    But I do have just one question for you before we sign off…

    Renee: Oh, really? Ok….Fire away…

    Zibah: Should we tell them who we really are?

    Renee: Nope….You know I love a good Mystery. I like to keep ’em guessing….😉🤷‍♀️

    Laughing is good

    What a lovely Life quote! 🤗🌷 I found this on the Internet after reading JanBeek’s post a few minutes ago.

    Thanks to her, I have laughed my head off this morning. Laughter really is good medicine.

    Here’s one for you….I happened to look out at my flowerbed this morning, after the rain has left for a while and noticed the first lily has bloomed! So, being the picture person that I am with over 4,000 pics on my phone to prove it, I just had to take just one more! Or maybe two…oh, who am I kidding?!!

    May {Honor thy Mother Tag}

    Thank you so much Vanessa Williams for nominating me for this! 🤗 I count it a blessing to honor my mother!

    Here are the rules:

    1. Thank the person who nominated you to participate.

    2. Link back to the original post.

    3. Use the original featured image.

    4. Copy and paste the meaning of this tag into your post.

    5. Answer the questions.

    6. Nominate one or more people to participate.

    7. Enjoy the rest of your month! 

    The Meaning of this Tag:

    A mother is someone who loves her child unconditionally, nourishes them, protects them always, teaches them values, disciplines them fairly, and wants the best for them. For that, we should always, ALWAYS have respect for our mothers. They are designed to bring beautiful life into this world and nurture that precious life as God created them to. Mother’s Day is about reminding your mother how much you appreciate her, but I hope this tag will perhaps remind you this month how blessed you are to have a mother at all.

    Now, I don’t want anyone getting the wrong idea about this tag. Trust me, I study psychology in college currently and I know there is no perfect relationship with a parent. If you have been abused, neglected, or abandoned by your mother then you probably will not enjoy the idea of honoring her. And you know what? There is nothing wrong with how you feel. She hurt you, and that hurt may never go away depending on how severe it was. Your mother may be an addict, a narcissist, an abuser, a cheater, a liar…the list goes on and on. I am blessed to have the mother I have, because I think of her as pretty close to perfect, but many are not as blessed as I have been.

    However, (I know, that’s never a fun word to hear), we are called to honor our mothers. For me, that’s easy. My mother is my best friend and is the most amazing person in existence besides Jesus in my mind. Honoring her is the least I can do for everything she has been through, everything she has sacrificed, and everything she does daily to be the incredible person and mother she is. 

    But, like I said before, many don’t feel that way about their mothers and the last thing they may want to do is call their mom, send her a card, or give her a present for simply giving birth to them. (Trust me, I have a step-mother and two grandmothers I don’t speak to). So…how does one honor their mother in that case?

    Pray for her. What she did or didn’t do in childhood has many ramifications, many of which you may live daily, and exposing yourself to her abuse for the sake of Mother’s Day is not a good idea and I don’t encourage it. What I have learned from dealing with other family members is that it’s okay to love and honor someone from afar. It’s better to learn to love and forgive someone from a distance than to hate and hurt up close.  Don’t be ashamed for doing that. Honoring someone does not mean letting them hurt you anymore. Just say, “Thank you for being in my life as God willed it, I forgive you for what you’ve done, but I am going to love you and honor you from a safe distance.” 

    May I share some words of encouragement? I know it may make this tag a bit long, but I feel like there’s someone that needs to hear this:

    • Your mother wasn’t kind to you, but that does not mean you are not worthy of kindness.

    • Your mother wasn’t there for you, but that does not mean no one ever will be.

    • Your mother abused you, but that does not mean you deserved it.

    • Your mother lies, but that does not mean you don’t know the truth.

    • Your mother manipulates, but that does not mean you can’t get control back in your life.

    • Your mother loved you as she was capable of loving you, but God loves you unconditionally and will give you the love she was unable to give.

    Honor your mother, whether it’s through a simple prayer or a sweet gift on Mother’s Day. If you can’t do it for her, do it for you. And, if you believe in Him, do it for Him. 

    Dollfaced Writer


    Here are the Questions:

    1. What is your relationship like with your birth mother, if anything at all?

    My relationship with my mom was wonderful! I could talk to her about anything.

    2. What is one thing you would change about your birth mother if you could? What is one thing you wouldn’t change?

    If I were to be selfish, I would change her getting cancer and dying, so she could have stayed with us! But I just WOULDN’T change it. Because she is in a better place! I will see her again!

    3. Who do you celebrate on Mother’s Day (your mother, step-mother, grandmother, aunt, etc.)?

    There’s only my Aunt Ruthie left. Both my parents and my husband’s parents are all passed away. All my grandparents and my husband’s grandparents are gone, too. 😢 So, I celebrate my Aunt Ruthie!


    4. What was the most valuable thing she taught you? My Mom taught me to love unconditionally! I thought it was just me, but I have had others tell me this is what they loved about my mother. And my step-mom taught me the same thing, but also to stay in church. My Aunt has taught me to stand up for what’s right and to stay in church.


    5. What is one thing she does (did) that you would never do? My mom could sell you the Golden Gate Bridge!!! She was a saleswoman. She sold everything! Avon, Amway, Watkins, herbs, etc…Not me! Nada!!!! I hate selling!!!

    My step-mom could talk a person’s head off!!! I probably will never be that talkative!

     All three women could sew their own outfit. I did not get this talent 😂🤷‍♀️

    6. How do you honor her on Mother’s Day?

    Flowers for grave. But for my aunt, I usually either buy her something with a card or take her out to eat.


    7. How has your relationship with her impacted the person/parent you are today? I would like to hope that I could love others at least half the way both moms did! And my aunt! And I also had the kind of relationship that my girls could also tell me anything. With my aunt, she is the one who invited me to church. Because of that, my dad came back to God and 3 more of my siblings did, even though they no longer attend any church at the moment.


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    This was not in the original post, but I would like to add pics of my moms and aunt!

     My mother on the left and stepmom to the right in their younger years.

    My Aunt Ruthie on the left and yours truly 😝

    Thank you for reading!